So this is my first blog post! And where better to start than sharing with you what Be more ROAR is all about?

Okay, when you decide to call your company ‘Be more ROAR’ you have to brace yourself for an obvious question: “So why did you choose that name?”

It’s such a common enquiry but one I’ll not tire of responding to!

Put simply, being more ROAR means be daring, be louder — push yourself and your brand! Be free and be strong to make your message heard and its strength count. Why should brands make do with mediocre designs and disjointed marketing material? That’s just a waste of everyone’s time –including yours!

We aren’t about having a nice logo, we are about the bigger picture – where every last detail has been well thought out and planned to expertly represent your ethos and approach. We want our clients to truly roar their messages – make them heard above the background noise of tired, dull or clichéd branding.

I was recently asked what makes our designs special and I’d say they are:

  • Bold
  • Bright
  • Impactful
  • The result of careful thinking and planning based on the customer’s unique needs.

Inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Like most designers, I love to keep up to date with trends and see what leaders are doing next. I spend time on research and poring over design industry news. But inspiration can strike at any time – looking at nature, objects, quirky stuff – you name it! Recently I loved an illustration of a tiger on a beer mat of all places. Colours, shapes, structure and positioning can all fuel my imagination.


Customer service is king!

Customer service is the most important thing in everything we do.

Customers have to be well looked after. Right from the start, we must know our customers are enthusiastic about their brand and they will work with us. Anyone whose attitude is just they want a design ‘knocking out’ is in the wrong place!

We’re not scared to say ‘no’ to customers. Surprisingly, they seem to like it.

As lead designer, if my experience or creative knowledge tells me something isn’t going to work, then I say so.

With all of our branding projects, we follow this process:

  • Listen
  • Question
  • Plan – what really works as opposed to what looks pretty!
  • Research
  • Suggest
  • Agree
  • Approve

Creative ROAR_The Budy Bag Foundation_Page_3BUDDYBAG_5000TH


Work I love 

The Buddy Bag Foundation (link: was a refreshingly different project. Illustrative and fun, our work had to appeal to corporate supporters as well as having children at the heart of the brand. Reaching out to potential supporters, including well wishers wanting to donate to this wonderful cause was quite a responsibility, but one I relished.

In fact the charity’s mascot came to life so much we now think of him like he’s real! (What do you mean, he isn’t?)

Knowing that the Buddy Bag team are continuing their important and inspirational work with our designs at the forefront is such a rewarding part of our recent portfolio and we wish them well with all that they do. If you aren’t yet familiar with the Buddy Bag Foundation, its website (link) tells you all you need to know!

Just like our work with the BBF, for us, the best designs are:

  • Simple
  • Easy to read
  • Eye catching
  • Appealing

And the worst?  I’d have to say clutter! Less is always more!

Now you know more about what it means to be more ROAR, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to find out about how you too could make your branding break free from the crowd! Call Katie on 07969 095 941 if you’d like to know more.