Miller Commercial Insurance Brokers


Miller Commercial Insurance Brokers are a Staffordshire based insurance brokers based in the sleepy location of Alton…the famous village of Alton Towers! Miller Commercial with their recognizable Windmill icon (Yes Windy Miller!) were feeling uninspired by their branding and marketing material. With a few years in business behind them, they were looking to revamp and look to the future.

Whether business or personal insurance, Miller Commercial can help. They aim to support local businesses with their fantastic customer service, personable approach and the supportive service they offer.

Miller Commercial Insurance Brokers look at the bigger picture within your business, looking to get to know, your business, your employees and how the business works as a whole, making sure that your insurance is suited to you and your business.

The Brief

James from Miller Commercial was looking for a new brand identity and business look to promote throughout his online and offline marketing material. Although James was looking for a new look, the Miller windmill is very recognisable to customers and contacts and he didn’t want to deter from this. Making his brand more of an evolution rather than an revolution.

James wanted the new brand to appeal to the agricultural businesses of Staffordshire as well as the corporates that he works with, here at Creative ROAR we sure had our work cut out!


• Create a brand evolution for Miller Commercial Insurance Brokers that incorporate the recognisable windmill icon.
• Re design the Miller Commercial Stationery and business marketing material following the rebrand.
• Reposition Miller Commercial Insurance Brokers from other insurance brokers in the Staffordshire and moorlands areas.
• Re-skin the Miller Commercial Insurance Brokers website to fit in with the rebrand.
• Create a useable colour scheme for Miller Commercial that works online and offline.

How Creative ROAR did it

With the idea needing to revolve round the windmill icon, this was our starting point. Here at Creative ROAR we think businesses are personal and we like to get to know our Directors and owners and their businesses when it comes to rebranding. We think that when it comes to design, our business personalities should shine through!

When speaking to James Miller from Miller Commercial, we got to know about his love for Vintage! Giving us a fantastic starting point with our branding. We set to work on creating a brand that represents James and his business.

We took the Windmill and worked with this, creating a vintage style that we knew James would love! We looked at textures and colour schemes to fit in with the branding, deciding on a rough brown paper texture and a agricultural green, grey and cream colour palette with bright orange highlights!

Here at Creative ROAR we believe that choice is key when it comes to branding, we like to give our customers choice – it’s not for us you “WE have the logo for YOU” we work together without brands, offering choice then working together to narrow down the brand that works for them.

James was thrilled with the new look and we decided on a traditional etched style windmill icon that would work well on the Miller Commercial Signage, the Miller Commercial workwear and on social media and online and offline marketing material.