One Fruit


One Fruit are an West Midlands based technology company. They provide mobile charging and syncing solutions to the aviation and education industry.

They specialise in providing devices that allow multiple charging solutions from one main hub, all through a USB connection.

The Brief

Be More ROAR had been working with One Fruit on various marketing projects when One Fruit decided to rebrand.

One Fruit wanted an individual logo design that represented the business and allowed them to promote the business on various marketing material, online and offline as well as allowing engraving and embossing onto the products they provide.

Although One Fruit wanted to rebrand they did like the existing marketing material and colour palette so the design needed to be sympathetic to this and include that in the new design. Allowing the existing material material to be easily adapted.

The Goals

• Keeping the existing colour palette and marketing material create a fresh clean new brand identity that allowed the business to emboss or engrave the logo on their products.

• Create a set of new stationery designs for the business to use.

• Update the existing marketing material to include the new brand identity whilst still remaining on brand.

How Be More ROAR did it

Looking at the actual products that One Fruit provide is where we reached our inspiration. Looking at the wire aspect we created One Fruit an icon that was not only an logo but an icon on itself.

The free form of the wire shape allowed us to have some fun with the marketing material whilst remaining corporate and targeting One Fruits target market.