We do it all of the time, subliminally notice brands colours and fonts and we don’t even realise it!

We drive down the motorway desperately trying to see these colours.

brand guidelines3

We’re visiting a retail park and see a big building painted in these colours and we know where we’re going.

brand guidelines4

We’re in the shopping centre desperate for a coffee when hallelujah we see these colours in the distance.

brand guidelines5

Or how about when you’re watching the TV… you see an advert and we haven;t see the logo yet, but from the music, the fonts, the colours, the photography style. We know who it is.

brand guidelines2

And you might not tie all these little signs together, but guess what – that’s branding!

It’s all of the subliminal little things that add up to really create a fantastic brand, that gets noticed by customers and potential customers all of the time!

And you might think…”we’ll these are the big boys, they spend millions in advertising each year and that’s why i notice them” so what’s brand consistency got to do with my business?

But in your business circles, whether that be out and about in your local area, within your networking circles or on your social media platforms. You have a brand presence.

You may not even realise it, but you do. And all of these little subliminal things add up.

And people really do notice.

Think about the local brands within your network, there are some out there that you will be able to pinpoint their brand colours, the fonts they use or even the style of photography.

They say before people will contact you, you need to touch them 7 X before they will make contact. So make that transition easier, by making yourself recogniseable!

At Be more ROAR we provide each of our branding customers a set of brand guidelines.

brand guidelines

This way they have easy access to an online portal which details all of their brand logos and how to use them. All of the fonts to use within their marketing material whether that be online or offline. As well as their colour palette and how to use it.

If you need help with your brand guidelines to enhance your brand recognition throughout your circles we can provide these for £85.00 +VAT.

Contact Katie today on 01889 22 67 57 or email on katie@creative-roar.com to find out more

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, just let us know! 🙂