FREE Advertising on Twitter, Facebook & Linked In
Okay, So first impressions count right?

Whether we are going for a job interview, a new client meeting (or an old one!) or just popping to the shops, we all make the most of our personal branding. Horrified to be caught sleepy eyed, sporting an old tracksuit or on a bad hair day…or even worse – All of the above!

So why do we often neglect our social media brand so much?

Come on, hands up! Who’s a social media nosey parker?…I am & I’m always checking out the competition, retailers and potential businesses on social media and not just what their profiles look like!

Im looking for their online voice, their social personality, how they react to fellow followers and what the social scene is saying about them.

“71% of users of social media websites say that they are more likely to purchase products from the brand they follow online on different social media websites”

(Source: Digitalsherpa). 

Lets leave all that aside for the time being and focus on the visual side of your “Social Brand”

FREE Advertising on Twitter, Facebook & Linked In

Yes FREE advertising…you’ve seen those big windows at the top of our social media profiles right?

Don’t tell me you’ve got an out of proportion stretched logo? A holiday snap….or the default coloured background?

Social media these days is equally as important as your website, not only are there fantastic SEO benefits but they provide a realistic personal approach to your business. The cover photo should reflect your online brand and website. Make the most of it!

I’ve put together just a few tips and tricks to ensure that your social media profiles are not only on brand but more importantly, stand out from your competitors!

1. Contrasting and consistent colour palette

Often our brands colours are the first and more recognisable part of our brands identity. Just take a look at Cadburys, B&Q and Ikea for example!

Make sure that your business colours are consistent and kept to a small contrasting colour palette. 

2. Your very own shop window, dress it well!

Take the time to think about your cover photo, do you have a key offer, promotion or special event you want to push?

Maximise your social media cover photo and website marketing banner to create a clear link between the online offers, promotions and events to create a consistent user experience.

3. Less is always more

Your message and design needs to be clear, to the point and most importantly easy to read. Sometimes the most effective banners can simply be a decorative design reinforcing your brand.

4. Keep followers on their toes!

How often window dressers change a shops window display? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year? Keep followers on their toes with on trend with current and relevant designs.

5. Out of business…or just cant be bothered?

On twitter especially, the social media banner is a main feature when browsing through current followers and searchin

6. The style icon

Brand icons have never been so important, with the rise of social media, branding can often be recognised by the small square that we so often see on our feeds and have become so familiar with.

“Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter (visualise them here), which corresponds to over 350,000 tweets sent per minute, 500 million tweets per day and around 200 billion tweets per year.”


With all that going on your going to want to make sure you get noticed, right?

Often on the likes of Facebook and Twitter i find that the strongest profile pictures are a clear, bright logo based icon where as Linked In the personal profiles need to have a professional and up to date profile picture, no night out photos please!

and finally…

7. Consistency is key!

Don’t forget, consistency is key, forgotten profiles will look sloppy and give a bad reflection on your business, they can even look like fake profiles. Make sure all of your social media platforms flow from one to the next.

TOP TIP – Brand Ambassadors

Make the most of your employees linked in personal pages with an on brand business cover photo for all employees to upload to their profiles. 

Feeling Inspired?

I want you to now take a look at your social media platforms. Are you representing your brand personality how you want to be represented, on what can often be a vital part of our sales process and marketing tools?

I hope you are now feeling inspired and ready to challenge and analyse your social media profiles! 

Still in need of some advice, inspiration or design skills? I would love to connect and help you make the most of your brand! So feel free to get in touch to find out how i can help your social personality and make the most of your FREE social advertising!

Katie Leedham
Be More ROAR